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10 Breakthrough Technologies 2022

10 Breakthrough Technologies 2022

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Breakthrough computer technologies

Breakthrough computer technologies

  • The end of passwords. New forms of more secure authentication will replace passwords, such as a link sent via email, push notification, or a biometric scan.
  • Proof of stake. It offers a way to verify cryptocurrency transactions and cut energy use by 99.05%.
  • Synthetic data for AI. Training AI requires a massive amount of data that is messy or reflects biases. Companies are creating and selling synthetic data to train AI.
  • Covid variant tracking. Better surveillance allows scientists to track the spread of the virus.


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Breakthrough biological technologies

Breakthrough biological technologies

  • AI for protein folding. The body uses proteins for nearly everything, The way protein folds determine its activity, yet it can take months to figure out its structure. An AI called AlphaFold2 has figured out how to quickly design drugs for various diseases.
  • Malaria vaccine. The new malaria vaccine is the world’s first vaccine for parasitic infection and is approved by the World Health Organisation.
  • A pill for covid. Pfizer developed a new drug to provide broad protection against Covid-19 when combined with vaccines.


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Breakthrough physics technologies

Breakthrough physics technologies

  • Long-lasting grid battery. New iron-based batteries are made using cheaper and more abundant material that is more practical for grid storage.
  • Practical fusion reactors. A startup plans to deliver limitless, carbon-free electricity to the grid by the early 2030s, using a powerful new magnet to build smaller, less expensive reactors.
  • Carbon removal factory. The world’s largest carbon removal factory recently opened in Iceland to mitigate climate change.


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