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How to demonstrate your value to your boss

How to demonstrate your value to your boss


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Demonstrate Your Ability To Obtain Results

You may need to prepare a few success statements to use, depending on your audience. Think about the senior leadership you might have an opportunity to talk ...

The Checklist Before Preparing Success Statements

  • Do they focus on the bottom line? Talk about revenue lines or margins you’ve increased, or operational costs you and your team have helped to reduce.
  • Are they tuned in to the workforce at your organization? Highlight your people management skills, team dynamic, impr...

Executive-Level Communication Skills

You don’t have to be a dynamic extrovert to share a keen ability to communicate. Top leaders are seeking a certain executive presence that demonstrates poise and gravitas—a calm and confident way of landing in the moment with both the ability to listen and the skill and knowledge to make a decisi...

Demonstrate A Team Mindset

More and more, organizations have realized that great leaders aren’t necessarily the ones who speak the loudest or speak up first unless they are also doing so in service to their team. Great leaders know how to 

Demonstrate Critical Thinking

If you have great ideas on how to increase sales or improve efficiency, be sure to create clear and succinct pitches you can use in the moment to share your thoughts with leadership.

Executives are looking for ingenious, motivated individuals eager to make a difference. If you know ways the...

It can be challenging to dive into talking about yourself, but I hope these suggestions will set you on a solid path to designing and refining your success statements. Remember that self-promotion is key in getting ahead, even when you have the best track record and great advocates speaking for y...

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