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Colours do affect your own productivity and can also have an affect on your team's work. It is important to keep in mind the various colours and their effects before setting up a workspace.


Play Of Colours In Productivity

Play Of Colours In Productivity


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Believe it or not, colours actually play a large role in controlling your energy and inturn, control your everyday productivity.

They have the power to have an effect on your physical, emotional and intellectual state of mind.

In general, colours can either have a positive or a negati...

It’s interesting to note that the influence of colours in our energies is largely based on our own inner nature and the extent to which the colours can affect us is based on some of the most prominent emotions within us.

Another interesting fact; it is not only the colours that have an effe...


This strong colour wakes up the physical aspect of the workspace and even has physical effects on the people in the workspace.

Often known as the ‘stimulating colour’ , red can get your heart beating and your pulse rising.

If you’re someone who needs just a little extra push ...

Often times, too much red or too much of a flashy tone of red can become overwhelming and might not affect your work environment in the most positive way.

Also, having too much red and getting your pulse a little too high might even evoke your inner ‘fight-or-flight’ response and even make ...


While red plays a large role in physical affects, yellow dives move towards the emotional energy.

Just like red, yellow is also very energizing to have in workspaces and is an excellent colour for when you need a little productivity push.

A colour that radiates positivity and has a la...

Although yellow mostly affects your emotional health positively, sometimes too much yellow or the wrong tone can become, well, a little too much and even raise anxiety levels in some people, so try not to overdo it.


When red controls the physical aspect of productivity and yellow controls the emotional aspect, it’s obvious that a mixture of both these colours will affect both of these aspects.

Orange stimulates both, the mind and the body and raises you to a more productive level.

Considered a ‘

Even though a fun colour, orange can be a little too overwhelming and might even be counterproductive to incorporate too much orange into your workspace.

Instead of making it the main theme, pair it up with other colours which compliment each other well or as a slight “pop” in colour. This ...


The complete opposite of red, green gives out a sense of calmness and gives out a reassuring energy.

As a harmonizing colour , it helps maintain a well kept balance between all the colours and different textures in a workspace.

Green works best in a calm working environment or keeping...

It’s important to choose the right tone of green to get the best results. A shade too bright might end up clashing with everything and make things more chaotic, while a shade too light might make everything seem bland.


Seen as a soothing colour, blue helps in concentration and keeping your mind calm.

Popular for use in office spaces, colour psychologists believe blue can help in clear communication, as it helps stimulate thoughts, and is the choice for completing administrative tasks and projects that req...

Certain people might perceive blue as ‘cold ‘ and ‘unemotional ‘. It is adviced to pair it up with colours like orange having a little pop in order to keep things more lively and warm.

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