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The Ultimate Guide To Organizing Your Workspace For Maximum Productivity

The Ultimate Guide To Organizing Your Workspace For Maximum Productivity

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Your Desk: The Optimal Choice

Your Desk: The Optimal Choice

The “sit-stand desk” is the optimal choice, because you can sit for a portion of the day and stand for the other portion.

Put your monitor high enough to keep your neck straight, set your keyboard position for 90 degree elbows, and your desk height for feet flat on the floor.


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Keeping An Organization

Keeping An Organization

A cluttered desk sometimes triggers a cluttered mind. That's why everything should have its place, even if that place is just “the right-most stack.”

A desk system that matches your personal organization style saves both time and headache.


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Organizing Our Worskapce: The Influence of Colors

Organizing Our Worskapce: The Influence of Colors

  • Red accelerates the heart rate, giving you a jolt of energy. Your eye is instantly drawn to red, and it promotes physical activity and emotion.
  • Orange is a social color, encouraging interaction. It works well in meeting rooms or other social spaces.
  • Yellow stimulates creativity and optimism.
  • Green is calming, and also causes zero eye strain over long periods of time.
  • Blue is calming and stable, it helps most people focus on intensive tasks.
  • Purple stimulates problem solving, despite not being a very popular color in workspace decor.


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The Optimal Working Temperature

The preferred seems to be around 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you’re lucky enough to work remote or have your own office with an independent thermostat, experiment with which temperature works for you.


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Lighting In The Workspace

Lighting In The Workspace

  • There’s no replacement for true natural light.
  • Fluorescent lighting saps your energy and makes you less productive, without even mentioning the environmental issues.
  • LED light can be a good substitute for natural light.


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Workspace Sound

Workspace Sound

Music that works best for immersive tasks:

  • Familiar music, so your brain doesn’t look ahead for what’s next.
  • Classical music, especially Baroque-period pieces for productivity boosts and no lyrics.
  • Electronica and its repetitive sounds as a way to increase focus.
  • Video game soundtracks, which are created to be atmospheric, but not distracting.
  • Quiet music of any kind can provide background noise without disrupting focus.


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