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How to Steer Clear of Groupthink

How to Steer Clear of Groupthink


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Consensus-based problem-solving groups

When organisations need to solve a problem, they may create a task force or advisory committee to develop a consensus around new ideas, such as procedures, policies, products or services.

However, research shows that consensus-based problem-solving groups often kill innovative ideas...

People tend to think that current solutions must be good. As a result, groups tend to move towards the status quo because they are less likely to fail. "It worked before."

Groups can overcome groupthink by one member expressing dissatisfaction with the status quo. The words...

Groupthink can be avoided when one member reacts to the trigger by proposing a placeholder solution. It may not be the final solution but functions as a transitional placeholder that allows the group to think concretely and abstractly.

The placeholder solution allo...

Groups tasked with coming to a consensus can interpret delayed agreement as a lack of progress or failure.

Teams that adopt a placeholder solution can agree on the "why " of an idea, even if they have different views about how to execute it. They can frame the lack ...

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The nature of all current events has been solely based on the mind games and brainwashing of making one think that the community is supporting the exact views of what they have been projecting into ones life. This is not true in any way, and is in fact part of the lies, defamation, character assassination, and framing they have completed, by sabotaging an individuals identity and online identity with hacks, hoaxes, libel, and propaganda slander. The ideas of this group are not normal and are by far off course to people of sanity. The decision making process has been revealed for true lumens.



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