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Comparative Examination & Calculative Risk

Comparative Examination & Calculative Risk

  • Comparative examination isn't easy and may bruise your ego. But if you find you have a weakness, consider it a blessing because you can address the problem instead of remaining weak and unaware
  • Take short burst of action and long periods of practice and self-improvement. Don't chase after every petty matter and waste your energy
  • By removing yourself from the immediate, stressful situation, you also take out the emotion that often prompts you to make rash, thoughtless decisions.


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Conflict Management In Life

Conflict Management In Life

When tension erupts into conflict in your own life, the sooner you address and resolve it, the sooner you can mend your relationship with your opponent and get on with your life.

You can end conflicts quickly by having a clear idea of what you want to accomplish and then focusing all your efforts on accomplishing it. To ensure you don't waste time and prolong the conflict, take only those actions that help, and refuse to take actions that don't help. Your time is limited, as are your energy and resources. You are better off being frugal with all three.


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Objective Evaluation Of Conflict

Causing your adversary unnecessary suffering doesn't make your own situation any better. In fact, it might harm your position because it incites his or hatred of you. Once you put aside emotional cries for vengeance and retaliation, you are able to start making decisions impartially and will discover that you can improve your own strength and position without ruining your adversary.


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True excellence manifests from the objective evaluation of yourself and not necessarily from what other people think of you.



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  • Study all aspects of a problem coolly and rationally, plan carefully and act prudently while trying to minimize damage. Sometimes active inaction will be the best course until circumstances change and you have the advantage necessary to prevail.
  • Believing you will always prevail can lead to waste and possibly catastrophe.
  • You should neither overestimate your own strength nor underestimate the strength of your opponent.
  • Whatever the situation, you can't always unilaterally control it, so you should be prepared to adopt to it.


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Strategy & Conflict Resolution

Strategy & Conflict Resolution

  • When you conceal yourself from view, no one knows how strong you are or where to attack.
  • In order to quickly solve your life's problems, such as conflicts, don't settle for half-hearted efforts; once you make up your mind to accomplish a mission, you must complete it without hesitation.
  • Understand the role played by luck in your past successes and in your life- mistaking good fortune for skill could cause you to act recklessly and put you in danger in the future.


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Do not take a passive role in your life, waiting until opportunities magically present themselves, but rather to engage in an active, dynamic modus operandi that controls the tempo and direction of the present moment



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Sometimes feel like a polymath 🤷


Although it's written by war marshal but the age old advice are still useful in modern day conflicts in life and at workplace

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