The Airbnb Effect: How The Pandemic Is Driving This Travel Side Hustle - Deepstash
The Airbnb Effect: How The Pandemic Is Driving This Travel Side Hustle

The Airbnb Effect: How The Pandemic Is Driving This Travel Side Hustle

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Huge Demand From Nomadic Workers

Huge Demand From Nomadic Workers

Remote work has been one of the rare benefits of the pandemic, and now nomadic workers are extending their stays for weeks, sometimes months at a time. According to Airbnb, the company saw an increase of 16% in stays over 28 days or longer (February/March 2022) compared to the same period in 2019.

A staggering statistic shows that one in every five nights booked on the Airbnb platform during Q3 was for a stay of 28 nights or longer.

This scenario helped Airbnb make over 55 million dollars in profit last quarter, suggesting the travel industry is finally bouncing back after two years of upheaval.


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Side Hustle As An Airbnb Host

There is an opportunity for homeowners to make extra income by signing up to be an Airbnb Host.

The typical US Host earned more than $8,000 from January through September 2021, which represents nearly an extra month and a half of pay for the median US household. New Airbnb Hosts have earned $6 billion since the pandemic began, and for listings that were first activated and booked in Q3 2021, 50 percent received a booking within three days of activation, and 75 percent received a booking within eight days.


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New Host Signup Technology

New Host Signup Technology

With the rise of remote work, people can work and live anywhere in the world.

  • To meet the demands of this new travel revolution, Airbnb updated their onboarding process to offer a ten-step process and their new AirCover protection plan.
  • Airbnb has also waived the $100 hosting fee for new hosts who complete their ten-step onboarding process.

The company understands that this is an excellent opportunity to expand its host base and is doing everything it can to make it as easy as possible for people to sign up.


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Become A New Airbnb Host

Airbnb has put together an excellent marketing effort to entice new hosts to sign up. Their sign-up page estimates your projected monthly earning potential based on booking data for the last 12 months from your specific area.

While this estimated income amount is just that, an estimation, it provides a baseline or starting point for those looking to start a side hustle as an Airbnb host.

For areas with specific laws to prevent nightly rentals, hosts can capitalize on the popularity of working remotely and skirt those laws by renting for a minimum of 30 days.


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