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3 ways to highlight a ‘career break’ to land your next job

3 ways to highlight a ‘career break’ to land your next job



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Stigma around career breaks

There's been a stigma around career breaks for too long, despite the reasons to pursue one, such as starting a family, focusing on health and wellbeing, and pursuing passions.

However, career breaks are really important parts of your career journey and what makes you unique. Still, it can b...

Highlight your career break on your LinkedIn profile

Tackle the job search with transparency and honesty. You can now add a career beak to the Experience section of your LinkedIn Profile, with the option to show the type of break you took like caregiving, career transition, health and well-being, and more.

Share your new experiences and skill...

Proactively bring up your career break during the interview.  Focus on how your time away has developed you, the valuable skills you've learned, or how you discovered a new passion. 

Connect the dots between what you did during your career break and what you can bring to a particular role a...

62% of people have taken a career break at some point. So, don't be afraid to reach out to your professional community for help and advice.

In your LinkedIn Profile, turn on the Open-to Work feature. It will increase your likelihood of getting a recruiter message. Ask for advice with a post...

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