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To Pixar and Beyond

To Pixar and Beyond

by Lawrence Levy


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Story comes first. Great graphics will keep us entertained for a couple of minutes, it is story that holds us in our seats.


“It is easy to lose ourselves in corporate imperatives, to feel we are beholden to forces that might not be aligned with our personal aspirations and priorities, or with how we wish to give expression to our lives.”


“The Middle Way is about finding harmony between the structure that helps us function and the fluidity that opens us up to experience more ease, richness, and connection in our lives”

  • Lawrence Levy received a call from Steve Jobs to become Pixar’s CFO and to lead it towards an IPO.
  • Jobs initially bought Pixar to make it a hardware company, but realized that that’s not what it was — it was an animation movie/entert...

Four Pillars of the Pixar Business Plan

As developed by Lawrence Levy and Steve Jobs

  • Increase Pixar’s share of film profits to at least 50%. (4 times increase of the current deal with Disney at that time)
  • Raise money to finance their own films. At least 75 million dollars to pay for ...

Factors that determine one’s capacity to affect change:

  • Leverage (bargaining power or strength)
  • Negotiation

Tactics you employ to extract the best terms you can, given your leverage:

  • How you put the leve...

Pixar's IPO

  • Steve Jobs first became a billionaire from the Pixar IPO
  • When going public for their IPO, investment bankers examined every aspect of the company, its history, assets, debts, products, profits, markets, distribution channels, management team, competition, and anyth...

Successful Launch Of The First Movie — Toy Story

Toy Story comes out after 5+ years in production — it’s super hard to make animations back then as you need to think of every single detail and animate it and then put it back on film for the cinemas. It is a massive hit and becomes the 3rd top grossing animation of all time.

  • Melding business realities with creative priorities was always integral to Pixar’s collaboration and business model.
  • Pixar’s successful process relied much on the relentless critique of each other’s work, and the willingness to put aside ego enough t...


“The problem with success, even a little success, is that it changes you. You are no longer walking along the same precipice that drove you to do great work in the first place. Now you have something to defend: a reputation, money in the bank, a brand, real customer ex...



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