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Just like your regular life, your digital life also needs a declutter-drive now and then. As we use the internet and digital devices for more and more services, our life may get easier but our digital life gets messier and messier. Many people have no idea how many emails they are subscribed to or how many online accounts they have. To get hold of your digital life, follow these steps:


4 Steps To Declutter Your Digital Life

4 Steps To Declutter Your Digital Life



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1. Declutter Your Smartphone

a) Disable notifications

Every mobile app these days comes with a plethora of notifications. Most of which are garbage and are the ways to grab your attention.

In both Android and iPhone, you can disable notifications for individual apps by going into the Settings.

2-i. Declutter Your Computer

a) Clear Up Your Desktop

If you are like most people, your desktop screen will be crowded with Word documents, Excel sheets, and photos of your children.

Out of all those items occupying your home screen, move the useful ones to their respective folders and trash the ...

2-ii. Declutter Your Computer-2

c) Organize A Folder System

Use a folder system to organize your files. Movies go in the movies folder. Songs in songs folders. So on and so forth.

Establish a folder hierarchy if a simple folder system doesn’t work for you.

d) Backup Photos


3. Declutter Your Social Media

a) Take A Break From Social Media

Practice a social media detox. It may sound impossible but it is worth giving a try.

Take a month off or at least, and notice the changes in your life. Write your thoughts and feelings in a diary

b) Delete Social Media A...

4. Declutter Email

a) Unsubscribe from Newsletters

You surely don’t have time to read all 30 motivational newsletters you have subscribed to overtime.

Stick with two or three quality newsletters.

b) Clear Your Inbox

Take a tour of your inbox and Archive any ...

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There are plenty of reasons to declutter your online traces. Here’s how to tidy up.



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