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Thinking Strategically Will Help You Get Ahead and Stay Ahead

Thinking Strategically Will Help You Get Ahead and Stay Ahead


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Getting started on the strategic thinking mindset

Strategic thinking: the ability to visualize the long-term while planning the short-term to align with the long-term is a critical skill in life.

Much like other things in life, strategic thinking is a muscle that gets better with repetition and practice.

Here are a f...

One big component of building a strategic thinking mindset is to challenge how certain things are done in your organization - not with the intent to put someone down or establish your superiority, but to identify ways to do them better.

  • Ask targeted questions on sp...

Create mental space for new ideas to kick in. Without the quiet time to sit with your thoughts, facing the uncomfortable silence, and letting your mind wander away, you cannot draw useful connections.

Spend time learning about your business and industry. M...

While a good strategy is important to get started, a strategy by itself won’t get you anywhere. You need both strategies “the intent” and tactics “putting that intent to action.”

  • Break down your strategy into the specific things you need to do.
  • Pla...

To embrace a strategic thinking mindset, don’t work in silos. Find people around you that you can trust, respect or admire.

Exchange your ideas with them, request them to challenge your thinking, enable them to ask you tough and uncomfortable questions.

You can’t build a strategic thinking muscle unless you audit your outcomes, inquire about other opinions and adapt to the changes around you.

The world is changing very fast and you need to adapt your thinking to the demands of the tomorrow and not the expectations from th...

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