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The six types of negative people we should ignore and how to ignore them.

How To Ignore People

How To Ignore People

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The company we keep

Research by Dr David McCleilland of Harvard shows that the people you habitually associate with determines 95% of your success or failure in life.

Some people hold us back while others help us forward. You can't hang out with negative people and expect a positive life.  Mor...

The hostile drama queen

These people are very charismatic. They are masters at sweeping you up into their personal melodramas, then need you to help solve some urgent problem. So you do. But then there's another problem, and another, until you realise that they crave attention and use urgent problems to control you.


  • Set boundaries around them and don't allow them to overstep. For example, lay out a strict schedule of your availability.
  • Don't ask them how they're feeling. Doing so could lead to a vent or complaint.
  • Don't reward their drama

The person you have failed to please a hundred times before

You may be in a situation with someone who is intimidating and demanding, and you try to keep the peace by doing whatever they want. But regardless of what you do, it's never enough.

When you are a pleaser, you never say "no". This is an unhealthy pattern of behaviour as it...

You can deal with people that fails to appreciate you by changing your attitude towards them.

  • Ask yourself why you want to please someone. Is it because you want them to be happy or because you are afraid and insecure? You might be a people pleaser because you fear rej...

The naysayer

Someone is perhaps discouraging you from pursuing your goals and dreams. For example, they may think your plans for the future is impossible or that you are joking. They may sabotage your plans to cultivate a new habit. Or they keep you from achieving your potential.

You ne...

  • Redirect them. When they offer unsolicited opinions about your activities, politely mention that you are not looking for their input and suggest that they focus on improving their own situation.
  • Give them credence. Tell them you will consider their t...

The manipulator

The manipulator will say and do anything to get others to do what they want them to do. These people prioritise their own feelings and needs and insist that you help them at all costs., but if you need assistance, they will not help you.

The manipulator deliberately creates an imbal...

  • Avoid self-blame. Remember that you are not the problem, you are being manipulated.
  • Turn the focus on them by asking probing questions, such as "Does it seem reasonable to you?" or "Does it sound fair?"
  • Take your time. Manipu...

The stubborn person

The stubborn person insists you should be someone else. They label you unfairly based on who you used to be.

The only relationships that work well are the ones that encourage you to be a better person without trying to change you into someone other than yourself.


The unforgiving friend

They judge you by your past, hold it against you and refuse to forgive you. They refuse to support you or allow you to grow past your mistakes.

  • Forgive yourself. People find it much harder to forgive themselves than to forgive others.
  • Try self-love.

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