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Help! I Only Feel Productive In The Afternoon

Help! I Only Feel Productive In The Afternoon


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Why some people are more productive in the afternoons

There are several reasons why people work better in the afternoon.

  • Based on circadian rhythms, some people just naturally focus better in the late afternoons or evening.
  • Working from home has also played a role in uncovering natural energy patt...

Get the most out of those three hours of work. Reserve that 2 to 5 pm time slot for tackling your big projects. When you do your most important work during your peak energy, you can work quicker and more accurately.

Use your mornings for tasks that you can easily accomplish, such as attendi...

Ensure you are ready when you enter your peak hours

Once you're feeling creative, you want to maximise that time.

Silence your phone and other devices that compete for your attention. Close additional browser tabs that may be distracting you.

Create a “false commute”

The shift from morning to afternoon productivity may be due to working from home and the resultant blurring of our work and personal lives.

Our daily morning commute was pretty important. You used to have a routine that got you from home to your place of work. If you no longer commute, you ...

If you've identified co-workers who share your work and energy patterns, consider asking them to be your "accountability partner."

Brainstorming and bouncing ideas around with your accountability partner will help to motivate you. Then, when they're in a similar rut, you can be there for th...

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