How to manage the homework of adulthood, from paperwork to repairs - Deepstash
How to manage the homework of adulthood, from paperwork to repairs

How to manage the homework of adulthood, from paperwork to repairs

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The homework of adulthood

The homework of adulthood

Life seems full of ever-increasing invisible work and unpaid labour, for instance, paying bills, making appointments, signing forms, or organising carpools. Columbia Law School professor Elizabeth Emens calls this work "life admin."

It's the kind of work that managers and secretaries get paid to do in an office, but we all do invisibly and for free. However, we can take control of these tasks.


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Make it visible, understand your administrative personality

Make it visible, understand your administrative personality

Recognise that these are important tasks and deserve your attention.

Find your own administrative personality to find a strategy that will work for you.

Admin temperaments consist of four groups:

  1. The super-doer: You prioritise getting things done.
  2. The reluctant-doer: You finally get things done but do so with a sigh.
  3. The admin-avoider: You know you have to do stuff, but don't do it.
  4. The admin-denier: You don't care if you don't do things because someone else will possibly do it for you.


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Understand how you prefer to work

  • Do you reach for high- or low-tech management systems?
  • Do you prefer short sprints or a marathon to solve admin problems?

The one you will show up for the task is the way you should go. It will make the job less unpleasant.


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Find a buddy and work together

Find a buddy and work together

Since we all have these tasks to manage, we can make it social.

Invite a group to come over with paperwork they had been avoiding. Add something to snack on and make it more memorable.


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