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Why community matters so much — and how to find yours

Why community matters so much — and how to find yours



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A community is defined by four criteria

These are membership, influence, integration/ fulfillment of needs, and shared emotional connection.

To be part of a community, you must feel a sense of belonging (membership), feel like you make a difference

Becoming a member of communities helps build social diversity. However, finding community is much different from just making friends.

Friendship is an invested, dedicated, platonic relationship where two people who are friends with each other are committed to the growth...

Prioritize your values and interests

One of the easiest ways to find a group you’d mesh with is to figure out where you wouldn’t mind spending a few hours of your time.

Consider your talents and interests or a skill you’d like to learn and seek out places to do those activities.

Seek out groups that...

To forge a true connection with the group — and vice versa — you’ll need to continually show up and add value. 

You’ll develop closeness more quickly if you have that regularity and you don’t have to agonize over scheduling. Immediately add the next meeting date to your...

Put energy into others

Because communities are made up of lots of people with varying opinions and life experiences, being an active member means regularly interacting with others in the group.

But don’t expect other members to immediately support you in your endeavors, want to do you a favo...

  • You don’t need to join a dozen clubs or societies or introduce yourself to every neighbor on the block to have a community.
  • Consider the time you’re able to commit and how much energy you’re able to bring to each meeting.
  • The goal of community building isn’...

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A concept that's connected to NFTs or DAOs, but different.



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