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An alternate way to tell a story.


Sociological vs Psychological Storytelling

Sociological vs Psychological Storytelling


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Psychological Storytelling

Psychological storytelling is the story of a person’s internal and external journey to get something they want. They are the centre of the story’s universe, and without them, the story wouldn’t exist. You could say these stories look inward.

The vast majority of modern stories are psycholog...

Sociological Storytelling

Sociological storytelling is the story of a system; specifically, how the system affects the people within it. Systems can be formal or informal. For instance, a family is a system; capitalism is a system; your workplace is a system; the law is a system, etc. Characters existing within the system...

How to Write a Sociological Story

  • First, you must start with the system that you can critique(have a strong opinion about).
  • Once you decide on the system and what you want to say about it, create characters who will test the system.
  • Finally, pick a character who will primarily deliver the th...

Movies And Series That Have Sociological Storytelling

  • Contagion: The world is not prepared for a pandemic. (system being critiqued: health care/emergency services).
  • Game of Thrones: There’s no such thing as a benevolent dictator. (system being critiqued: government).
  • The Big Short

Sociological stories have many complex characters, deep themes, and extremely detailed worldbuilding, no matter the genre. You need to think A LOT about what you’re writing and why you’re writing it. They’re “hard-mode” storytelling.  Nail the basics of psychological storytelling, and then try so...

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