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The Importance of Removing Mental Clutter

The Importance of Removing Mental Clutter

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Reducing Mental Clutter At Work

Reducing Mental Clutter At Work

Multitasking and being interrupted are big sources of clutter in our minds. Switching between tasks, we have to keep details of both tasks in mind, which harms focus, patience and enjoyability.

Get rid of distractions sources and keep to single-tasking to stop harming your productivity and well-being. Creating systems and prioritizing also helps you let go of the to-do lists so you can be present and productive.


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Reducing Mental Clutter At Home

Reducing Mental Clutter At Home

Physical clutter affects your brain, too. If your home is a mess, clearing your space can be the first step to clearing your mind. We can take a step further, though, and clean out mental clutter just like we clear our physical clutter.

To have a happy home life, a thorough mind dump is an essential skill to practice. The thoughts you have are taking the place of the thoughts you could have, so consider which thoughts you dwell on and how they may be impacting you and those around you.


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Reducing Mental Clutter In Your Soul

Reducing Mental Clutter In Your Soul

We take in so much information every day, we need a regular practice for decluttering our spirits. Distractions are a form of clutter that you can easily remove by being aware of and avoiding them. 


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Mental Clutter

Mental Clutter

It is anything that keeps you from focusing and thinking straight. Stray thoughts, tasks, fears, worries, details to remember: they all add up to mental clutter, preventing you from focusing on the present.

All that takes energy away from the work you’re meant to do and the moments you are supposed to be present. Getting rid of mental clutter brings more clarity, focus, efficiency, creativity and productivity. It also reduces stress and forgetfulness


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