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How the Paradox of Choice Is Stifling Your Content Creation

How the Paradox of Choice Is Stifling Your Content Creation


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Too Many Options

The creator economy is booming and more people than ever are turning to content creation as a source of income. But what happens when there are too many options?

  • With so many options to choose from, people find it very difficult to choose at all.
  • There are just...

The Opportunity Cost Of Choice

The problem is that with so many options, it’s difficult to choose one that works for you. Moreover, once you start struggling on your journey to become a YouTuber or start a successful newsletter, it can be tempting to jump ship and dip your toes into another stream of income. Instead of putting...


Opportunity costs subtract from the satisfaction that we get out of what we choose, even when what we choose is terrific. The more options there are to consider, the more attractive features of these options are going to be reflected by us as opportunity costs

How to Overcome the Paradox of Choice: Plan

Take some time to weigh and measure your options. Decide, based on your skill set, preferences, and practical information like barriers to entry, potential income ceilings, which kinds of work suit you best, and — this is really important, especially when it comes to writing — whether that type o...

Follow Through

Persistence is key. 

Everyone from YouTuber Ali Abdaal, who made 4.7 million dollars last year after 7 years of building his content creation business, or 

Seek Help and Believe in Yourself

This is closely tied to number two. The only way to achieve your goals is through persistence and the only way to persist is through self-belief. You must believe that you can do what you set out to, against all odds.

Writers are subject to so much imposter syndrome. Anyone...

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