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Are We Still Empathic if We Don't Take Action?

Are We Still Empathic if We Don't Take Action?


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Key Takeaways

  • Empathy is a gateway to action. What one does next is the result of a separate decision.
  • Actions informed by empathy tend to be prosocial, which helps us cooperate and live productively with others.
  • Sometimes, fixing situations or telling others what to do is not the most emp...

Empathy And Action

There is much going on in the world today that touches us deeply and evokes empathy. But the events we see maybe thousands of miles away, and while we feel moved emotionally, we may not know what to do or how to respond.

What does that lack of action or not knowing what to do means...

The Effect Of Empathy

Numerous controlled experiments have demonstrated that empathy leads people to take actions on behalf of others and to do so without personal gain or even at a cost.

Empathy also helps us to cooperate with others. We use empathy as a tool to read other people, which helps us to exchange in...

Simply Being Empathetic Is Not Action

We often think of empathy as the evidence of doing good, and yes, the two are related. But they are not the same. Empathy is not an outcome; rather it is an emotive experience that can inform what we do next. The action we might take as a result of empathy is often to be helpful, caring, ...

There may be times that we have an empathic experience and take action, and there may be times that we do not do anything. Or, we may choose to respond in a way that may not seem to others to look particularly active.

The reason that empathy is so important, even if there is no observable a...

When To Act

When sharing emotions and experiences, we may want to fix situations or tell others what to do, but that is not the most empathic way to respond.

Empathy helps you to communicate to others that they are being heard and understood. Using the key empathy skills of setting boundaries and engag...

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