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The Mesmerizing Pull of Plastic Surgery Videos

The Mesmerizing Pull of Plastic Surgery Videos

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Plastic surgery is becoming more transparent

Plastic surgery is becoming more transparent

Dr Herluf Lund, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Chesterfield, Mo., started performing aesthetic enhancements 30 years ago. Then, most of his patients wanted their surgeries kept a secret. Now, his patients expect their pictures to be taken, and they want to post them.

Procedures used to be done discretely, but in the post-Kardashian world, transparency is just part of the process. Social sharing, particularly among celebrities and influencers, has reduced the stigma about plastic surgery and medical aesthetics.


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Education and expectations

Education and expectations

Dr Devgan, age 42, uses her social media to extend her medical practice by educating viewers and managing their expectations around what is possible.  @celebface on Instagram shows the amount of work that goes into making famous people look the way they do.

Though social media has been part of removing the stigma of aesthetic work, keeping up with the Kardashians is ushering in a new transparency around undergoing procedures.


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Status and aesthetic enhancements

Part of the new display of aesthetic enhancements is about status: You're saying you can keep up with the Kardashians if you can get procedures like them.

Part of self-care has been stretched to such an extent that it might include getting injections in your face every six months so you don't look "tired". Yet, no one can achieve the ever-escalating beauty ideal without training, diets, and cosmetic interventions, which is becoming a part of a normalised beauty routine.


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Pushing back

Pushing back

Justine Bateman, 55, a filmmaker and former actress, writes in her new book, "Face: One Square Foot of Skin," that women's faces are not broken and don't need to be fixed. The book reflects on women's faces and the cultural pressure to be ashamed that their faces aged naturally. Ms Bateman says she can either look in the mirror and think she looks horrible, or she can think it's a super cool face.

But Dr Devgan points out that plastic surgery allows people to look like the best version of themselves.


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