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How Artificial Intelligence Keeps The Internet Running Without Us Knowing

How Artificial Intelligence Keeps The Internet Running Without Us Knowing


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Artificial Intelligence is an integral part of society

AI may be everywhere but is invisible to humans.

Even if we can see it, people will most likely be ignorant of the fact that AI algorithms are used to make a product or service work.

Social Media

Social media relies on making users spend as long as possible on the platform. Therefore, algorithms make a dedicated study of each user and identify their interests so that they can continue to interact with the platform.

AI's role is to suggest the right content and censor the vast amount...


AI can suggest the best products that are right for you based on the information available about you and your search history.

Many online stores offer a photo-only product search service, where AI processes and analyzes the image and then suggests products similar to the one in the picture....

Image Manipulation

Many applications and programs rely primarily on AI to improve image quality and add some professional effects. Adobe Photoshop, for example, uses AI in processing and enhancing images.

Smartphones are equipped with AI technologies to capture images in the best quality possible comparable t...

Video Games

Traditional games such as chess and electronic games generally use AI as a fierce competitor on the game's ground and provide a unique experience for every player in the game.

In 1996, Gary Kasparov defeated an AI developed by IBM in a chess match, proving that no machine could beat the hu...

Security and Surveillance

Artificial intelligence is widely used in many commercial and industrial establishments.

The most prominent application is the AI surveillance system which studies the surrounding environment, learns the patterns and behaviours in it, identifies any unusual activity or suspicious movement, ...


Many countries have been using AI in healthcare, for example, developing systems and devices to make diagnosing COVID-19 as fast, cheap, and accurate as possible.

Another example is the device invented by Coala life, The COALA Heart Monitor System, a patch-...

Customer Service

The large gap between the number of employees in the customer service department and the number of their clients has led to inadequate customer service and long waiting times.

AI now helps guide customers to solve the problems they face while using the service directly and without delay.


From the beginning, there has been debate about AI and if it can be used in the field of creativity.

One of the most prominent applications of AI in this field is museNet. This deep neural network can generate 4-minute musical compositions with ten different instruments that can combine mus...



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