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Adrian Anghel's Key Ideas from A Radical Enterprise
by Matt K. Parker

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Intrinsic motivation

The tomato sauce in your pantry. The raincoat in your closet. The smart TV hanging in your living room. What do all of these products have in common? Chances are they were created by organizations where colleagues self-allocate into teams based on intrinsic motivation. Where individuals self-manage their commitments to each other without the coercion of managers.


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A new, radically collaborative breed of corporation

Recently doubling in number and already comprising 8% of corporations around the world, scientists and researchers have discovered that radically collaborative organizations are more competitive on practically every meaningful financial measure.


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Counterintuitive principles and practices for organizations to thrive on

By combining the latest insights from organizational science, sociology, and psychology, he illuminates four imperatives that all radically collaborative organizations must embrace in order to succeed: team autonomy, managerial devolution, deficiency gratification, and candid vulnerability.


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Command-and-control culture

The crisis has reached its breaking point. Now is the time to embrace radical change. Discover the revolutionary shift to partnership and equality and the economic superiority that follows with A Radical Enterprise.


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Full time dad and IT enthusiast for the rest.


The fastest growing and most competitive organizations in the world have no bureaucracies, no bosses, and no bullshit.

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