6 Very Practical Calendar Tips for People Who Want to Take Control of Their Time - Deepstash
6 Very Practical Calendar Tips for People Who Want to Take Control of Their Time

6 Very Practical Calendar Tips for People Who Want to Take Control of Their Time

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Use your calendar for productivity

Use your calendar for productivity

Your calendar can be a tool that protects your focus, defends your productivity, and gives a sense of what you can accomplish in a week.

Merge your to-do list with your calendar. Whenever you add something to your to-do list for the week, immediately add the time it will take to your schedule. It will give you an actual picture of what you can accomplish.


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Get deep work done with a focus block

A focus block is a period of work where you shut out everything, turn off your phone, and pay attention to one task.

The key to success for a focus block:

  • No notification sounds or pop-ups.
  • The block should have a specific goal in mind.
  • Focus on one subject/project, rather than one area to another doing shallow work.
  • Train the people around you not to interrupt except for an emergency.


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Block off meals, fitness, and rests in the calendar

Block off meals, fitness, and rests in the calendar

Without lunch blocked off, people often find that they do meetings or eat from their desks. The same can be said for rest and fitness time. Ensure you protect yourself from working during these times by blocking off specific times for it.

Having a schedule isn't about doing more work but getting what you want done in all areas of your life, not just your day job.


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Plan your week on Sunday

Do a schedule prep. Lay out your focus blocks, fitness, meal times, and major tasks into your schedule.

Leave lots of room for the unexpected and ensure you're not overcommitting.


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Keep meetings short

Keep meetings short

Try to keep your default meeting length to 15 or 30 minutes. When you constrain time, you focus more. Longer meetings should be the exception, not the rule.

For internal meetings, allow people to book based on your calendar. For external meetings, give people access to open spots in your calendar.


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