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How product teams can measure progress through outcome OKRs

How product teams can measure progress through outcome OKRs


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Measuring Progress For Product Teams

Most product teams review goals in hindsight to see whether they have succeeded. But what if you could not just assess what you’ve already done but prioritize your actions along the way?

A few takeaways from an extensive workshop:

    There Are No Right or Wrong Key Results

    “Outcome over output” is a well-known claim in product management. Output OKRs(Objectives and Key Results) are said to be rather shallow, not inspirational and are likely to block learning opportunities. 

    The key results should give a holistic picture of the objective, capturing the objecti...

    The Three Types Of OKRs

    Based on the consequences of the key results, OKRs can be separated into three different types:

    • Impact-ish OKRs: a high-level expression of the company’s strategic priority expressed through a result/metric.
    • Outcome-ish OKRs: a change in human ...

    Adding the Dimension of Leading/lagging Indicators

    Categorising your OKRs like this will likely not be enough for actually working with them on a day-to-day basis.

    A second layer should be pointing out the likelihood of the aimed change.

    This can be measured by a concept that has been around for a while:

    • Leading indicator...

    Most Common (underestimated) Mistakes

    The most common and risky mistake when using these techniques is to ignore a lack of clarity:

    Lack of clarity on the inputs for your OKR definition: You need to have your vision, strategy, customer insights, and roadmap in place to be able to estimate your next contribution...

    Using Output-Driven Key Results to Establish a Product Discovery Practice Within the Company

    Output key results for Product Discovery are a bit controversial since they are easy to misuse, but can be helpful for teams that struggle with prioritizing discovery work and/or discussing its progress. Metrics like “number of winning prototypes” or “number of opt-ins to user testing” can help m...

    • Mind that there are no right or wrong OKRs, just different dimensions (with relating consequences) that you as a team should be aware of.
    • Be aware of unclear aspects of your OKR inputs as well as the goals you want to achieve.
    • Consider using output-driven OKRs as a helpful to...




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    Whether you’re new to objectives and key results (OKRs) or just brushing up, this stash aims to help you feel more confident about driving your product team toward clear, measurable outcomes in 2021



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