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How shops use psychology to influence your buying decisions

How shops use psychology to influence your buying decisions


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Shopping Is A Mouse Trap

You might think that you only buy what you need when you need it. But whether you are shopping for food, clothes or gadgets, the retailers are using the power of psychological persuasion to influence your decisions – and help you part with your cash.

You Are A Lab Rat In A Supermarket

Why do shops like to move everything around? Well, it’s actually a simple answer. Changing the location of items in a store means that we, the customers, are exposed to different items as we wander around searching for the things we need or want. This ploy can often significantly increase 

Impulse Buying

Studies suggest that as much as 50% of all groceries are sold because of impulsiveness – and over 87% of shoppers make impulse buys.

It is known that external shopping cues – “buy one get one free” offers, discounts and in-store promotional displays, for example – play a key role.

An ...


Bundling is another technique that retailers use to trigger impulse buying.

Complementary products are packaged together as one product, with one price, which often provides a substantial discount. Game consoles, for example, are often sold together with two or three games, and grocery sto...

  • While these strategies can help to swell the profits of retailers, they can also contribute to problems for their customers.
  • Impulse buying can undoubtedly affect a consumer’s mental wellbeing. It increases feelings of shame and guilt, which in turn can lead to anxiety, stress and de...

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