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Some of the most thoughtful innovation is happening in the world's rural communities. This talk advocates for a new view of the countryside. It is not places lacking in tech but centres of humble innovation that emphasize community and sustainability.


Why entrepreneurship flourishes in the countryside

Why entrepreneurship flourishes in the countryside



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We see the rural as backward

When we think of tech, we often think of cities. When we think of the countryside,  it's a place that's lacking tech and digital media literacy.

  • Yet there are places like the pearl-producing towns of Zhejiang and places in rural Indiana, where online pearl parties flourish.
  • Ru...

Larger scale innovation

On a larger scale, rural areas are connected through global market forces.

For example, soybeans grown in Brazil are shipped to industrial hog farms in southern China.

Alibaba, the internet giant, is partnering with farms to use AI and computer vision to create highly optimized pigs...

Large farms see their work as inputs, outputs, land value and land ownership. Small farmers frame their work as one of ecology and stewardship. Their land is a place of relations.

The tech that we imagine to be solutions, such as online coding classes for f...

The people, not tech, should steer decisions

Much of the technology revolves around our consumption and entertainment in the cities. But the most thoughtful innovation is happening in places outside of Silicon Valley or San Francisco. 

Tech alone is not always the solution. In Yangguang, a rice-farmin...

Scaling across time

The approach that is without boundaries and ambitions to scale reminds us of the humility and innovation, the ability to change political and social structures.

Tech should be seen as affecting a set of relations, ecologies and environments. In the village, innovation is an ecosystem that d...



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