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9 Signs You May Be Too Tuned in to Threat

9 Signs You May Be Too Tuned in to Threat

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Don’t let yourself be too consumed by anxiety.

Don’t let yourself be too consumed by anxiety.

While it’s okay to be cautious about threats in your surroundings, it’s equally important to look at the rewards of proceding if you wish to protect your mental health.

Being overly cautious will lead you to associate cues in your surroundings with potential sources of harm rather than pleasure, also known as “attention bias”.


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The Effects of Attention Bias

The Effects of Attention Bias

If you experience high attention bias in your daily life, you’d look suspiciously at the faces and movements of people who approach you, rather than, for example, the cuddly stuffed animals on the rack in the gift shop.


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Attention bias is normal.

Attention bias is normal.

Having previous experiences in common environments which could cause distress is perfectly normal, and a valid reason to develop attention bias. At the same time, though, is it possible to let down your guard just a little in terms of your level of worry? If you try this in stages, you might be surprised at just how much better you feel.


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