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Magnetism is an irresistible force. It's hard to ignore the pull you feel naturally toward people, places and things that are magnetic.


How To Become Magnetic

How To Become Magnetic


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How To Become Magnetic

Magnetism is an irresistible force. It’s hard to ignore the pull you feel naturally toward people, places and things that are magnetic.

When it comes to real magnets, Opposite poles are attracted to each other. I believe that on some level that is happening in human interactions too, If som...

1- Stage and theatrical abilities

Magnetic people have a unique presence. You can feel it as they enter the room, while they talk and while they are silent. Sometimes the quiet, full of confidence, before the speech begins, affects more than a person who tries very hard to impress.

When I think about developing this ability...

2- Be mysterious and not perfectly understood

Usually a magnetic or charismatic person has a certain contrast that makes it difficult to understand his personality. That's partly why he is magnetic, which makes sense when you realize real magnets magnet to opposite poles, by having a unique “pole” to him, he attracts people naturally.


3- Be imbued with purpose and mission

The feeling that the someone has a purpose and is determined to achieve it causes people to follow him.

This ability is not really one you need to “develop”, you have it in you, its a mindset problem. Decide what idea or goal you believe in, and prove to people that you do not deviate from ...

4- Make our principles sacred to us

Leaders who lived by the principles they espoused, were given the status of sanctity by their congregation. We can see a good example of this in Vladimir Lenin and Mahatma Gandhi, who years after their deaths, their audience still worships them.

It can not be faked, sorry. On the other hand...

5- Your eyes

Our eyes transmit our emotions and are often considered a window to the soul. The ability to make a stable, pleasant and confident eye contact, makes people feel magnetic and charismatic even before we have punched our mouths.

In order for us to develop this ability, we would like to stop a...

This is for now. I wish you a particularly fascinating and extraordinary exit in the exit from your comfort zone. After all, between us, this is the essence of your transformation into a more magnetic person.

And now, I’m intrigued to hear in the comments below, what do you think?


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Charisma is the strength of influencing people. Here's what you can learn from highly charismatic people



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