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How to throw a good farewell party for a remote colleague

How to throw a good farewell party for a remote colleague


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The best activities for a remote farewell party

With a virtual farewell party, you’ve got to have some activities planned, or you’ll end up with 20 faces blinking at each other expectantly from their Zoom boxes.

  • One fail-safe activity is a quiz about the departing co-worker: questions about projects they worked on, the name of thei...

When a departing colleague has been at the organization for a while, it can be fun to invite former co-workers to the farewell, too.

It turns the Zoom gathering into a mini-reunion, as well as a sort of retrospective This Is Your Life moment. Even if they can’t attend, they may be able ...

  • A fond farewell lets the person who’s leaving the company know how much they’ve been appreciated, and affirms that the parting is on good terms.
  • The decision to leave a job can be kind of like a birthday—a moment when we take stock of our lives and do a lot of existential pondering. ...

Managers can consider the work that goes into throwing goodbye parties (and doing other tasks that contribute to a convivial workplace culture) when determining promotions and raises.

They can assign office parties to an employee-focused on internal talent as part of their formal job descri...

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