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On finding your niche

On finding your niche

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What We Do What Others Cannot

What We Do What Others Cannot

We are constantly researching and discovering new creative people in our line of work. The ones who rise to the surface usually have something in common.

The designers, artists, illustrators, photographers and animators who get noticed either:

A. Are extremely talented or skilled

B. Have a “thing”

C. Have a “thing” and are extremely good at it

It’s the exceptions that get attention.

To find a story newsworthy, a journalist needs an angle. For your work to stand out, you need an angle, too. That leaves you with one of the three above options: Option B.


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That Quirky Thing We Have

That Quirky Thing We Have

Now the tricky part is, you can’t necessarily fake or force this 'thing'. The people who become known for their niche usually don’t start out with the desire to become known. They are simply pursuing a weird, unusual, singular interest – and going all-in on that.

The point is that you open yourself up to your genuine, specific and even weird fixations.


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Get Going At Your Niche

Get Going At Your Niche

This passion may be fleeting, and that’s fine. It’s those passing interests that lead people to some of their best side projects. And those side projects inevitably lead to other opportunities. The point is that you open yourself up to your genuine, specific and even weird fixations. Don’t judge them. Don’t overthink them. Just follow them and see where they lead you.

If something specific fascinates you – even if it’s as seemingly mundane as the way light hits dust in a photograph, or how chewed gum might look like an animated character – let yourself follow that interest as far as your heart desires.


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