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Avoiding Bad Decisions

Avoiding Bad Decisions

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To make better decisions...

To make better decisions...

  1. Avoid unintentionally doing something stupid. Never make important decisions when you’re tired, emotional, distracted, or in a rush.
  2. Make sure you're solving the right problem. Never let anyone else define the biggest problem to be solved.
  3. To get unbiased information or information not modified by your source's interpretation, seek it from someone as close to the original source as possible
  4. Learn from your mistakes. Do you have 5 years of experience or 1 year of experience repeated 5 times?
  5. Act as you would want an employee to act if you owned the company.


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Why we make bad decisions

Why we make bad decisions

  • We ignore the warning signs - feeling tired, emotional, distracted, in a rush...working in the "hurry up" culture.
  • We focus on solving the wrong problem or fail to look at it in a broader sense.
  • When we work on second-hand information loaded with biases, edits, and interpretations.
  • When we don't learn from past mistakes and are more busy protecting our ego. True experience isn't calculated in years, but in how much your learnt & grew.
  • We choose to make decisions that are defendable over those that we know are a better choice.


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Limiting the % of luck for success

Limiting the % of luck for success

  • Know the warning signs.
  • Have a set of rules for your decision-making process.
  • Remember, sometimes success is just about avoiding making bad decisions.


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