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How to Make Iced Coffee

How to Make Iced Coffee


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How to Make Iced Coffee

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The Beans: Go For Medium Or Light

Dialing in a perfectly flavored cup begins even before brewing—in the careful consideration of roast degree.

light-roasted coffee will taste fruity, tea-like even, as its sugars don’t get inordinately caramelized during roast.

Dark roasted beans are, as you might imagine, aggressively toasted—which might comes across as cozy in a hot cup, but just tastes bitter, acrid on ice. Any of the nuanced flavors that once existed in the coffee are muddied.


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How To Make Iced Coffee

1. Grind.

Grind your beans for your preferred brewing method (powder-fine for espresso, medium-fine for pourover, medium for drip, coarse for French press).

2. Fill Your Brewing Carafe With Ice.

Remember, ice is iced coffee’s necessary evil; work with, not against, its dilutive powers. For pourover and drip, fill your brewing carafe halfway with ice; the brewed coffee will be chilled immediately upon drip.

3. Halve The Water.

That's simple.

4. Brew On Ice.

Brew the coffee using your chosen method—right over the ice with pourover and drip, or as usual with espresso and French press.  


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1. Coarse-Grind Your Beans.

Given the extended brew time, a coarse grind is fine enough to allow extraction, but not so fine that the cold brew emerges unpleasantly bitter. For cold brew, Abella estimates 1 cup grounds to 7 cups room temperature water.  

2. Combine & Let Sit.

Combine the ground coffee and water in a large sealable jar or French press and stir well. Let sit for anywhere between 12-24 hours before fine-straining or plunging. (Any longer, and you risk an overextracted, bitter brew; any shorter, and it will be weak and flavorless.) Drink straight, on ice, or with a splash of milk.


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