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The 50x Productivity Framework (PART 1)

The 50x Productivity Framework (PART 1)

(1) Task Breakdown. Are most people aware that the knowledge work skills above even exist — let alone breaking them down into their individual micro-tasks?

(2) Measurement how long each task takes. Do most people track their time? If so, are they tracking their micro-tasks?

(3) Experiment to find the one best way. Are people simply using good-enough rules of thumb or are they using the scientific method to find the optimal approach?

(4) Train for standardization. Once the optimal approach has been figured out, are most people being trained in them?


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The 50x Productivity Framework (PART 2)

The 50x Productivity Framework (PART 2)

(5) Productivity doesn’t make us a machine. One of the main reasons science has progressed so far is tools that help us get finer grain, objective perspectives on reality than our senses can. I now understand how timing myself and building a granular, objective map of my thought/action process can augment my humanness rather than stunting it.

(6) Small productivity gains aren’t frivolous. Amazing productivity gains come from small hacks, which individually seem frivolous, but together add up to mind-boggling change. 


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The 50x Productivity Framework (PART 3)

The 50x Productivity Framework (PART 3)

Just like the microscope unveiled entire universes of organisms (viruses, germs) and matter (quarks, atoms), finer attention to detail opens a whole new world of productivity.

(7) Knowledge work productivity can be 50x’d. Knowledge work is still in its infancy. This means that the potential gains we can have with the existing tools may be much larger than anyone thinks.

(8) Productivity is essential to non-productivity. The more efficient we are at work individually and collectively, the more time we have to carve out for slow, deep living not based on optimization.


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The 50x Productivity Framework (PART 3)

The 50x Productivity Framework (PART 3)

(9) It’s worth each of us individually spending hundreds (if not thousands) of hours improving our productivity. 

“We realized that the true problem, the true difficulty, and where the greatest potential is — is building the machine that makes the machine. In other words, it’s building the factory. I’m really thinking of the factory like a product.” Elsewhere,


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I write, design, I edit videos + some other experiments 🧪 :. on refactored perception + trying to improve cognition using info clusters & visuals ~


If you want to be more productive, you need to build your knowledge factory first. 's ideas are part of this journey:

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