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Everybody faces problems daily and figures out ingenious solutions to it at their personal level. This is my tribute to them. Hope it helps!

How to Think Like an MIT Media Lab Inventor: Ramesh Raskar at TEDxBeaconStreet

How to Think Like an MIT Media Lab Inventor: Ramesh Raskar at TEDxBeaconStreet

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How to invent?

If I hear a great idea X, what is neXt?

Everyone is pushing the envelope in science and arts, but the process of invention can seem very confusing.

We need a mental framework. Idea Hexagon.


  • Raise your problem to the next level.
  • Generalizing an idea to the next dimension.
  • flickr(images) --> youtube(video)


  • Combine idea X with something you already know like idea Y.
  • More dissimilar the two ideas, the more spectacular its fusion.
  • Portable CT = CT Machine + Space Telescope

Given a hammer, find all the nails.

  • Don't just solve the original problem that was solving a specific solution, but try to solve all the other solutions as well.
  • If an App store improves the quality of a phone and provides new solutions, What about an App store for every electronic gadget that's out there like microwav...

Given a nail, find all the hammers.

  • Given a new problem, don't just use the original solution for it, but trying to find all the solutions as well.

How to vacation like Ramesh Raskar?

  • This idea hexagon is not just for inventing new technology, but can also be used for various things like figuring out what to do on your next vacation?
  • Maybe take it to the next dimension or combine that with some other ideas that you have, solve the earlier problems in new ways or d...

Take your original idea and add an adjective.

  • Most common adjectives you would use are faster, better, cheaper…
  • Some more like adaptive, distributed, efficient and newer ones like -
  • Wikipedia is encyclopedia democratized.
  • Pandora is radio personalized.

Take an idea X and do exactly the opposite of what everybody else is doing.

  • Straddle method in high jump sport changed to Fosbury method due to the introduction of foam robber in place of sandpit.
  • An irrelevant change that transforms the whole ecosystem and allows you to do the exactly opposite of everybody else.
  • High end me...

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