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How to Create a Strong LinkedIn Profile

How to Create a Strong LinkedIn Profile

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The Social Media Giant For Professionals

The Social Media Giant For Professionals

You’ve probably heard that having a solid presence on LinkedIn can help advance your career by expanding your network and attracting new opportunities. 

Then again, writing and updating your profile might also cause you to second-guess yourself as you try to fill out each section perfectly in the hope of impressing the right prospective employer. Understandably, many of us dread this process.


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LinkedIn Headline

LinkedIn Headline

Your LinkedIn headline appears next to your name and picture at the top, and unless you rewrite it, it defaults to your job title.

The terms you use can help you show up in their searches. Choose each word with care—you want to fish with the right bait. If a particular employer exemplifies your dream job, check the company’s career page and make sure whatever title you use for yourself is similar to their positions.

Think of your headline like you would think about dressing for the job you want.


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LinkedIn About Section

LinkedIn About Section

The About section is a great place to add details that your job description can’t really provide but that you think are important.

  • Sum up what motivates you and key qualities that make you stand out
  • One or two paragraphs or a handful of bullet points might suffice
  • If you're feeling ambitious, give some backstory.
  • What makes your work meaningful and compelling? Why do you feel called to it? What do you have that other candidates don't?


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The Experience Section

The Experience Section

  • This is where you detail the various jobs you've had over the years.
  • You can tweak the way you describe your experiences to emphasize what's most relevant to your current interests.
  • Use the present tense for anything you're still doing and switch to the past tense for everything else.


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The Education Section

The Education Section

  • Listing your degree(s) matters, as does where you got them.
  • If your degree is still in the works, include when you expect to finish it.
  • Apprenticeships and trade certifications are worth highlighting.
  • Be more detailed about the skills you've gained from the work you've been doing.


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LinkedIn Skills Section

LinkedIn Skills Section

This section tends to be a keyword catcher.

If there are things you're good at and want to do more of, this means you'll pop up more often when people search for you on the site. However, be careful not to pigeonhole yourself.


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