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Kevin Luevano's Key Ideas from Atomic Habits
by James Clear

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Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

The secret to having a successful life is not a single habit. It's many habits that compound and create a system of living. One single habit may change your life by 1%-it's too small to notice. But what if you create one habit every day for 365 days? You will become 37x better.


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The Surprising Power of Atomic Habits

  • “If you can get 1 percent better each day for one year, you'll end up thirty-seven times better by the time you're done.”
  • What people see is a breakthrough. What people don't see are all the small details that happened before it.
  • Small actions and habits one establishes are what drove one toward success every single day.


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How Your Habits Shape Your Identity (and Vice Versa)

  • The foundation of every lasting change is identity.
  • Lasting change can only come through an identity change.
  • If good habits are in conflict with your identity, you will fail to establish them.
  • Actions prove your identity—changing your actions proves you are a writer.


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How to Build Better Habits in Four Simple Steps

  • Cue: the cue that triggers the brain to a certain behavior.
  • Craving: the motivation behind the habit
  • Response: the action to perform.
  • Reward: it has two purposes, to satisfy and to teach.


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Until You Make the Unconscious Conscious, It Will Direct Your Life and You Will Call it Fate

  • When we do things automatically, we can make mistakes because we are not always conscious of what we are doing.
  • You can increase your awareness and find out about your habits by using the Habit Scoreboard method.


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Motivation is Overrated; Environment Often Matters More

  • Our environment is very important to follow good habits.
  • Electrical energy usage depends strongly on the position of the electrical meter.
  • Households that have the meter in the basement use more energy than those that have it in the hallway.


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The Role of Family and Friends in Shape Your Habits

  • Our habits are strongly influenced by the people that surround us.
  • The people that influence us can be categorized into three groups: The close, the many, and the powerful.
  • We imitate the habits of people that are closest to us, especially close friends and family.


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How to Find and Fix the Causes of Your Bad Habits

  • Reframe the associations you have about them.
  • All cravings come from our primary motives.
  • Conserve energy.
  • Obtain food and water.
  • Reduce uncertainty.
  • Achieve status and prestige.
  • Determine the underlying motive of a bad habit, so you can replace it with a better one.


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Walk Slowly, But Never Backward

  • It’s not enough that we think about action. The only way to get what you want is to take action.
  • People often ask how long it takes to form a new habit. There is no clear answer to the question because the more you repeat an action, the more automatic it is.


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How to Stop Procrastinating by Using the Two-Min Rule

  • Every big activity starts with something simple.
  • If you establish the ritual, over time you will be able to perform any activity you want.
  • The secret to establishing habits for difficult activities like going to the gym or studying hard is establishing simple habits that will get you to the more difficult activities.


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How to Make Good Habits Inevitable and Remove Bad Habits

  • In order to increase your number of good habits, you must remove the bad ones.
  • Remove bad habits by making them very difficult or impossible to do.
  • For example, unsubscribe yourself from all newsletters to stop wasting your time reading emails.
  • Ask your friend to change the passwords on your social media during the week, so you cannot use them until the weekend.


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The Cardinal Rule of Behavior Change

  • A habit needs to be enjoyable for it to last.
  • Make it satisfying.
  • Only instant satisfaction matters here.
  • Eating healthy will benefit us in the future, but we will get more instant satisfaction if we eat tasty food now.
  • Smoking is similar—instant satisfaction is much stronger than thoughts of the future.
  • You can't change bad habits, but you can change a little bit of immediate pleasure.


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How an Accountability Partner Can Change Everything

  • If we promise someone else that we are going to do something, then our pride is at stake. If we break our promise, we will look unreliable, and we will feel bad about ourselves.
  • Having an accountable friend is powerful, even if it is just a verbal agreement.


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The Truth About Talent

  • Genes are responsible for the shape of our bodies, and also for our ability to work on different types of habits.
  • Not all habits will work for you. It's important to find things you are good at and work on habits that will make you great in these areas.


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The Goldilocks Rule: How to Stay Motivated in Your Life and Work

  • For something to be challenging, it cannot be too easy or too difficult.
  • We are at the peak of our motivation when we are working on a task that is not too difficult and not too easy.
  • The biggest difference between professionals and amateurs is that professionals always stick to the schedule, while amateurs let life get in the way.


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The Downside of Creating Good Habits

  • Once we automate a habit, we stop thinking about it, and as a result, we do not improve any further.
  • Habits let us do things automatically, without thinking.
  • To really master anything, you need reflection time.


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The secret to having a successful life is not a single habit. It's many habits that compound and create a system of living. One single habit may change your life by 1%-it's too small to notice. But what if you create one habit every day for 365 days? You will become 37x better.

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