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Do I Really Need to Back Up All My Data?

Do I Really Need to Back Up All My Data?


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You Will Lose All Material Possessions

All worldly possessions are prone to attrition and decline. The more you have, the more your life becomes devoted to the vigilant, custodial work of maintenance and repair. This is why so many spiritual traditions advise against becoming attached to material things. 

Ancient philosophers sa...

Data Is Already Non-Physical And Resembles Spiritual Stuff

If it seems odd to think of files and personal data as “possessions,” it’s because they appear to already belong to the spiritual realm.

Information has no visible substance. It’s not composed of matter or energy, at least not in the same sense as a table or a lump of gold. Our files, phot...

Taking A Backup Of Your Thoughts

Nietzsche pointed out that the thinker who has “put the best of himself into his work” can rest easy as he watches the erosion of his own body: “It is as if he were in a corner watching a thief at his safe, while knowing that it is empty, his treasure being elsewhere.” We too sleep soundly knowin...

Pictures Or It Didn't Happen

Your acknowledgment that your memories are “attached to these bits and bytes” signals an awareness that your identity is mysteriously bound up with those files, that to lose them would be to lose, in a very real sense, an extension of your own mind.

Would you be able to remember that t...

The Cloud Goes Dead

The fragility of those externalized memories dawns on you slowly with age, as portions of your former selves get buried with defunct hardware or fade into the digital void from whence they came, casualties of content drift and link rot. The sudden nostalgic impulse that spurs you to Google your u...

Hard Awakening By Software Files

Our culture’s long-standing dualism endures in the popular notion that the mind is a software program running on the hardware of our physical forms.

If the glitching laptop awakens you to the obvious fact that your data is entirely dependent on material processes—forcing you to recall the s...

Save Your Data When You Can

  • Forward to friends those old email chains you discovered in your long-abandoned mailbox.
  • Consider trying to finish and publish that half-completed novel that’s been lingering in your files—not as some misdirected gesture toward life extension but as a genuine transmission to a good-...



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