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All about facial recognition tech.


Things You Need to Know Before Installing a Facial Recognition System

Things You Need to Know Before Installing a Facial Recognition System


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Deploying Facial Recognition Systems

The global facial recognition market size was evaluated at $3.8 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $8.5 billion in 2025, growing at a CAGR of 17.2%.

However, the costs of facial recognition software are challenging to estimate. There are hidden expenses that companies tend to overlook...

The Workings of A Facial Recognition System

Facial recognition systems are considered the most reliable among biometric identification forms, such as fingerprints and iris recognition.

But the technology has its challenges. The facial recognition process often occurs in an uncontrolled environment with variable lighting conditions an...

The Five Main Components Of A Facial Recognition System

  • Hardware: includes servers and devices responsible for capturing images.
  • Connectivity technology: allows hardware devices to transmit images for further analysis either to the cloud or to other devices on-premises.
  • Facial recogniti...

How Facial Recognition Systems Work

After detecting a face, facial recognition software reads the facial geometry, which encompasses around 80 different elements. The key features include the distance between the eyes, eye socket depth, cheekbone shape, and jawline length.

When the analysis is complete, the tool will generate...

The Hardware

Companies need to carefully consider their hardware choices to avoid getting their hopes high with a software solution that their devices can’t handle. But at the same time, firms shouldn’t overpay for computational resources that they will not use.

To have a working facial recognition syst...

The Camera

The camera type and its location depends on the desired coverage, image quality, and angle of view. 

Examine the location where you want to install cameras. In the case of poor lighting conditions, opt for devices with built-in features that can compensate for the lack of light and still pr...

If the chosen format is not powerful enough, it will cause delays and quality degradation. 

To identify a person posing in front of a camera, we need two neural network models – a face detector and a face recognizer. We can process around six frames per second. With these requirements, one ...

Facial Recognition Software

Facial recognition solution vendors allow client companies to use their APIs, but you still need to integrate them into your system.

You can turn to custom software vendors to facilitate integration and build a client-side application, which allows you to reap the full benefits of the facia...

If a company operates from a remote location where different communicating objects are positioned far apart, you will need to establish a reliable communication channel. Such high-quality cables can be even more expensive than servers and cameras and will account for a large portion of the total ...

Some off-the-shelf solutions, such as Face++, set their prices based on the classifiers used, with more complex classifiers being more expensive.

Custom facial recognition solutions: The system may include classifiers, such as face detection, face verification, face grouping, similar face s...

How to Minimize Facial Recognition System Costs in the Long Run

System complexity directly influences the costs of facial recognition software. You can deploy a tool with limited functionality for a few thousand dollars, while a highly complex and secure solution will cost you up to $1,000,000 and even more.

The location of operations also influences th...

  • Opt for a ready-made solution if you have standard requirements and want something to be up and running in a matter of days without spending a lot on infrastructure.
  • Invest in your system's security.
  • If you have unique and complex requirements, then it is best to invest in a ...




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