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What is Solana?

What is Solana?



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Yakovenko and the Solana team found a way to utilize that method in a blockchain-based system by using a similar mechanism to the nLocktime feature that can be found in the original blockchain protocol – Bitcoin. NLocktime allows for postdate transactions using block height instead of timestamps....

In addition to Proof of History, Solana utilizes a Proof of Stake algorithm which lets users stake tokens to help secure the Solana network. The protocol uses a delegated stake model, which sees users delegating their tokens to established network validators. This is a shared-risk, shared-reward ...

At the heart of the protocol’s architecture lies the Solana cluster – a set of validators working together to serve client transactions and maintain a ledger. At any given moment, a cluster has a leader, with the role being in rotation among all validators participating in that cluster. The clust...

For starters, smart contracts in Solana are called programs and are stateless. This means that, unlike Ethereum smart contracts which contain both the program logic and state, Solana programs contain only the logic and are deployed on-chain in a ‘read-only’ mode. Once deployed, the programs can b...

Solana’s impressive performance in terms of transaction throughput and cost effectiveness has allowed the protocol to emerge as one of the most prominent players in the DLT space. The recent boom of Solana-based NFTs and the rise of NFT marketplaces like Solanart has shown that the platform is ca...

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