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See how psychological research shows people who swear like a sailor are more honest and intelligent.


Worried About Swearing Too Much? Science Says You Shouldn't Be

Worried About Swearing Too Much? Science Says You Shouldn't Be



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The Science Behind Swearing

If you’ve ever suppressed the urge to unleash a string of obscenities, maybe think again. Some research suggests that it might be a better idea to simply let the filth fly.

Scientifically speaking, a penchant for profanity doesn’t seem to be such a...

What Happens When You Curse

And the effects of cursing are physical as well as mental. A 2018 study in Psychology of Sport and Exercise found that letting out a few choice words during a workout can actually make you stronger. In the study, participants who cursed aloud while gripping a hand vise were able to sq...

“There’s a point where it’s just more efficient to say, ‘F*&^ you,’ than it is to hit somebody.

We’ve evolved this very efficient way to vent our emotions and convey them to others.”

Pain Relief Pt1

In 2009, researchers set out to study whether swearing alters someone’s experience of pain.

Scientists found that swearing actually increases an individual’s pain tolerance. The team tasked 67 undergraduate volunteers with plunging their hands in ice-cold water for as long...

Damn Honest

Beyond swearing's impacts on the body and mind, research has shown that cursing can influence our social dynamics, too.

A 2012 study found that swearing can enhance the effectiveness and persuasiveness of an argument. In addition, cursing can also ...

Fluent In Foulness

For many, the use of obscene language isn’t just a sign of boorish behavior — a common assumption is that people swear because they lack the vocabulary, education or even intelligence to express themselves in other ways.

In other words, when language f...

“People who are good at producing language are good at producing swear words.

It’s not because they don’t have language — it’s because they have a whole toolbox full of words.”

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