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The Reasons Why We Do Irrational Things

The Reasons Why We Do Irrational Things

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Irrational Humans: Introduction

Irrational Humans: Introduction

Irrational thoughts enter our brains and affect our actions more often than we’d like to admit. From the sugary donut you regretted before taking your first bite, to getting upset with others for making the same mistakes you do — irrationality comes in many forms and seems to carry plenty of drawbacks.

Yet, researchers note that the behaviour also gives our overly-taxed brains a rest and can even spark new innovations.


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Primitive Minds

Primitive Minds

  • Human beings are not logical, we are storytellers most interested in emotional comfort and safety.
  • We can convince ourselves and justify anything.
  • This is partly because our brains haven’t had a significant upgrade for millions of years.
  • On top of that, the human brain takes up 20 percent or more of our energy.
  • Shortcuts can lead to accepting probabilities as facts, succumbing to confirmation bias and convincing ourselves that we have the ability to truly multitask.


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Irrationality And Innovation

Irrationality And Innovation

  • While irrationality can sometimes trip us up, it can also fuel creativity and innovation.
  • Our irrational behaviours are associated with our desire to do something different. It can be considered an integral part of our survival and progression.
  • We may believe we are the smartest species, but we may be slow, illogical and limited in many aspects.


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