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The digital nomad life is not all it’s cracked up to be. Here’s why

The digital nomad life is not all it’s cracked up to be. Here’s why


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Work From Home Is Way Better Than A Digital Nomad

While some people understandably got tired of working from home during the pandemic, my time as a digital nomad has given me the opposite experience. There’s nothing like time spent trying to be productive from hotels and cafés to make you appreciate the benefits of a home office.

If you’re...

Physical Discomforts And Time Spent Adjusting For Working

When you hit the road, you’re not bringing an ergonomic chair or standing desk with you. The chances that you’ll be able to set up a workstation that’s comfortable are slim, so prepare for back and neck pain and carpal tunnel s...

Wi-Fi Strength And Reliability

There’s a good chance that you need faster internet and more bandwidth than you realize. And an even better chance that you’ll have difficulty finding it when you travel. Most coffee shops and hotels that offer Wi-Fi often can’t match what you’re used to in an office or at home. This is especiall...

Unsecure And Unsafe

There’s also the crucial matter of security. Using public Wi-Fi can expose your information, and that of your employer, to hackers. It’s important to use technology like a VPN to protect your data. But there’s also the matter of “

The Adventurous Outdoors: Sanitation Issues

In most American offices and restaurants, workers can count on a basic level of sanitation to be kept up—partly due to health codes. But in some other places, it’s just not the same. Unclean restrooms, unavailability of certain diet choices and food poisoning from water are quite possible. Be car...

Bugs And Noise

Mosquitoes and spiders are a big nuisance while travelling and working across the world.

The clamour of traffic, crowds, construction, nearby airports, and more can make it especially difficult to take calls or do Zoom meetings. Sound can also dramatically 

Loneliness and Hookup Culture

Some other digital nomads we encountered on our travels are the definition of lonely.

Many people working remotely, even from home, have wrestled with loneliness in recent ye...

Most people are likely to be most productive and have the best work experience when they’re stationary and within the comforts of a home office.

A digital nomad sounds cool, and has the perks of going to new places and meeting new people. But when work is supposed to be done, nothi...

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