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Bending rules and going outside the box, seeing things in ways never seen before, looking within yourself and at the world around. Time to shine some light on creativity..


On Creativity - Love.Peace.Happiness.

On Creativity - Love.Peace.Happiness.



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What does it mean to be creative?

To be creative, in the most simplest sense, means to use one’s imagination to create something. When we speak of ‘creating something’ it is often thought as creating something new and original, something that has never been made, something truly mind boggling and innovative. While all this might ...

It is often said that creative people are born as such and that it us something inherited. While it may hold true , there is a certain level of creativity that everyone is born with, it just needs the right push to come out fierce and strong. For each individual to show off their creative side al...

  • with the everyday stresses and troubles of life creativity is like a gateway to mini paradise. A place where you can be away from your problems and create things that make you happy. It allows one to step away from existing train of thought, do something different and come back to the proble...

1) stop judging your own creative ideas. Give yourself the permission to do what you love and laugh off the mistakes you make along the way.

2) instead of simply brainstorming, thinking and planning your creative visions, actually make something! Put the fear of uncertainty behind you and g...

You won’t always get hit by a lightning bolt and get the Eureka moment that will lead to crazy breakthroughs. Sometimes inspiration won’t hit you in the most magnificent ways, instead, it can be something as small as a ladybug on a blade of grass. You need to be able to have a broad mindset and ...

Creativity is not something you can randomly pick up whenever you want and drop whenever you feel like. To excel at creativity and reaching to your level best, you need to be consistent. Creativity is about constantly coming up with new ideas, improvising and re- building things. To reach a “flo...

Creativity requires the best minds and the best of minds. While being a creative does mean that collaborating with the best minds around you is essential, allowing the best of your own mind to come forward is also of equal importance. Bringing out the best in you will require solitude and being ...

“Creativity involves breaking out of expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way.”




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In the modern world where being aware of changes around us is expected from everyone, the skill of learning is gaining more and more attention. So let's learn about learning.



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With the ever consistent change in the world including, and especially technology, its time to set our eyes on the Metaverse and take a closer look at what the future has in store for us.



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Always keep this quotes by your side at the time you are struck.



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