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7 ways to build greater trust in all of your partnerships

7 ways to build greater trust in all of your partnerships



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Trust takes a different shape depending on the form of partnership, but in all circumstances, we should try to design our partnerships — whether professional or personal — to default to trust.

Here are 7 guiding principles:

  1. Assume good intentions
  2. Create a safe, honest sp...

Don’t jump to conclusions about the other person’s actions, going immediately to a place of fear or distrust. Trust grows when you are confident the other person has your back, as well as the collective benefit of the relationship in mind. 

A strong pur...

This requires time and regular moments that build stability, history and joy. When you make honesty and openness a central priority with your Deep Connections, people won’t hide from difficult conversations.

Don’t be afraid to talk about the tough stuff.

It’s easier to be honest and open when you design for transparency.

A clear operating framework, including clear roles and responsibilities, is fundamental in enabling trust to flourish. It allows people to be heard, make decisions, take risks, be efficient and do extraordinary thinks.

Don’t be afraid to talk about the tough stuff.

The idea is to communicate openly, always, so that people are free to express themselves even when what they have to say is hard to hear. The worst thing you can do is disengage, ignoring stressors on yourself and others until the tremors grow...

No matter how carefully you craft a relationship, there are moments when trust can be broken, especially in the early stages, when you and your partner don’t have a sense of shared history to help you understand why someone is doing something that appears hurtful. Acknowledging and taking r...

Rolling your eyes or turning your back when someone is talking to you can be all it takes to undermine trust.

Ultimately, building enduring trust with someone else is impossible unless you already have that kind of trust in yourself.

As you better understand yourself, you will come to recognize that other people are simply trying to be their best selves, too. That understanding will enable you to ...

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Building trust in yourself is the key idea before doing anything that is worthwhile to own self and for others. I struggle with it a lot, for my personal goals, my friends help me to stay on track. Thank you and I love you all :)



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