Interesting Psychology Facts About Relationship That Will Blow Your Mind. - Deepstash
Interesting Psychology Facts About Relationship That Will Blow Your Mind.

Interesting Psychology Facts About Relationship That Will Blow Your Mind.

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Psychology Of Love

  • When there is no trust, no reason to continue.
  • More you love, more you hug , stronger the bond.
  • No love, when there is no respect.
  • A good relation is when someone acceptes your past, supports your present and encourages your future.
  • Even a guy like compliment from girl.
  • Without communication there is no relationship.
  • If a person you love ignore you, ignore them too, check what happens.


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Healthy Relationship

  • If someone breaksup with you,agree with them and feel releived, they will have second thought on their decision.
  • A woman cannot change a man because she loves him, a man changes because he loves her.
  • Relationship fails because we spend time in pointing each other's mistakes and spend less time in enjoying each other's company.
  • Most relationships fail because couples fight with pride more than they work with love.
  • Couples who spend time laughing together have stronger and healthy relationship.


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Move On

  • Learn to move on when relationship prevents you to grow as individual.
  • Relationship going to end when each other's fundamental values and beliefs are different.
  • If you repeatedly have to tell someone exact same thing about how you feel and nothing changes, understand that they won't love you.
  • Wrong relation teach you, to recognise right relation.


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