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Wow, this gave me a ton of different advice, follow me for part 2

Investing Advice for Teenagers (2022)

Investing Advice for Teenagers (2022)

Ali Abdaal


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  • Don't save too much as a kid rather use your money to enjoy your time, spend time with friends travel
  • You shouldn't because over time the amount of money you make increases
  • The amount of money you save is going to be small compared to the amount you make now.

  • Open an investment account so that you know what the process is like
  • Gain knowledge of how the investment process works.

  • Put a little bit of money into Crypto just to learn about it
  • Use Coinbase or any other platform that can help you explore and learn
  • The educational value is very high

  • Make sure that you are putting money and time into books and courses to learn more
  • Learn Useful and In-demand skills. Learning to Code is still one of the most quick way to learn how to make money

Build a Faselane Mindset

Read the book the millionaire Fastlane to get a mindset that can help you make money

Follow me for the book summary coming soon!

  • Document your journey through many different ways it helps build the craft of writing
  • You might build an audience.

  • Read books on how to make more money
  • 4 Hour Work Weeks
  • Dying with 0
  • Your money and your life

  • Try and build a business like selling lemonade, selling candy, or building websites
  • Turn your active income into passive income

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