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Skip annual reviews and do check ins with employees instead

Skip annual reviews and do check ins with employees instead


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Retaining employees

The biggest issue facing employers today is finding and keeping top talent. This is particularly true for startups and high-growth tech companies.

Employers need a head’s up as to why employees may be on the job hunt. However, a single annual performance review or satisfaction survey will n...

Research shows quality feedback is a key indicator of employee satisfaction and ultimately retention.

However, practices like 360-degree feedback and annual reviews are dated, cumbersome and often inefficient because they address employee successes and challenges out of con...

Measuring culture and other intangibles

Relying on technology for regular, automated feedback is invaluable.

  • Regular surveys provide valuable insight into employees' mindsets, which is different to the performance review in which employees hear how they may fall short.
  • Weekly stats can show managers ...

When the survey is complete, employees immediately receive a snapshot that indicates where they are thriving and where they are less than satisfied.

The manager can use the anonymous survey outputs to drive formal and informal conversations with their team members and fellow managers.

Invent and wander

One survey question such as "What else can we do?" can cause employees to pursue a new idea.

This approach can be particularly effective in younger companies which often attract more entrepreneurially-minded employees.



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