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10 Micro Habits To Improve Your Life In The Next 10 Days

10 Micro Habits To Improve Your Life In The Next 10 Days


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10 Micro Habits To Improve Your Life In The Next 10 Days

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#1. Learn to Say 'No' More

Once you start saying 'No' to unnecessary things, you'll automatically say 'Yes' to the things that matter most to you.


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#2. Journal Everyday

Whether you have a business plan, a new startup idea, or an event that changed your life, jot it down with details in your journal.


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#3. Sit in Silence

  • A normal human has around 6,200 thoughts each day which means 258 thoughts per hour. 
  • To make your mind at peace, you need to sit in silence each day for at least 5-10 minutes.


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#4. Don't React; Respond!

Most of us React to things that make things difficult for us. Instead of reacting start responding to things.


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#5. Take Action Fast

Use 5 Second rule.

Count down from 5 to 1 and start doing the work which must be done at the moment, instead of how you feel.

After some time you'll be in momentum. 


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#6. Read A lot

  • It helps you grow personally, professionally, and Financially.
  • It will make you more likable and interesting as you have got a vast domain of knowledge.
  • Confidence: It will boost your confidence as you can speak about anything at any time anywhere.
  • It will change your personality from the very core.


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#7. Observe Your Pattern

  • Instead of blaming yourself for procrastination or unhealthy behavior, notice what prompted you to do so in the first place.
  • Once you find the Cue for your habit you can direct that to some beneficial habit and form a new and meaningful pattern.


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#8. Stop Complaining And Start Doing

  • Your life will start changing the moment you stop complaining and start executing things.
  • Take charge of your own life and don't blame situations and people.
  • You can't change what happens to you at large but you can control how to deal with it. That makes all the difference.


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#9. Drink A Lot Of Water

  • Drinking water can make your mind calm and you can think clearly.
  • It will help you rehydrate.
  • Water can also be proven to make your skin glow.


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#10. What Can You Change Today To Make Your Life Better?

Do whatever improves your life. It must get you closer to your goal in life or make you financially independent.


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