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Why we can’t look away from before-and-after pictures

Why we can’t look away from before-and-after pictures


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Why we can’t look away from before-and-after pictures

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The Before And After Picture: Why We Can’t Resist a Transformation

  • Social cognitive theories are based on observing and learning from observing and seeing outcomes, which is by nature highly motivational.
  • We are more likely to internalize or adopt a behaviour if we believe that the outcome is positive and achievable.
  • Before-and-afters provide proof that certain outcomes are possible.
  • They are also great marketing.


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Before-And-After Photos Are Controversial

The Federal Trade Commission has strict guidelines about verbiage in these types of ads.

Diets frequently fail, which is why so often you’ll see in the fine print of dramatic weight loss pictures: “Results not typical.".

Facebook has also banned these pictures in advertising on its platform.

WW, a company with a history of dramatically debuting the weight loss of various celebrity endorsers in big ad reveals, banned the use of before and after images in its ads in 2018.


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Not Good For Our Psyche

  • Alexis Conason thinks these images are fundamentally flawed because they come from a place of self-hatred and encourage toxic dieting culture.
  • Erin Parks, a clinical psychologist, says, “There's no data to suggest that they help motivate people to lose weight in a healthy way.”
  • A good rule of thumb is that the before and after images for things you can change (e.g., teeth straightening, hairstyle, painting a room) can be inspirational. Looking at things you cannot change (body build, height, etc.) might be counterproductive.


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