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Three Tips for Making Better Decisions

Three Tips for Making Better Decisions


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Three Tips for Making Better Decisions

Have you ever made a decision that you later look back on and regret? This happens when we’re not aware of how we make decisions.

And that’s odd because the decisions we make, or in many cases not make, shape the outcome of lives. But many of us don’t know how we make decisions. By understa...

David Eagleman

“When faced with a decision, our brains simulate different outcomes to generate a mockup of what our future might be. Mentally, we can disconnect from the present moment and voyage to a world that doesn’t yet exist.”

  • We often make bad decisions when we’re tired
  • It’s not lazy or procrastinating when you’re putting off a decision when you’re tired
  • When you can make a better decision at a later moment, it’s smart to delay your decision
  • Make your decisions intentional
  • Have a r...

  • Making many decisions throughout the day is mentally tiring leading to worse decisions over time
  • Set up your life in a way you don’t need to make a lot of decisions
  • Delegate some decisions to others: work, household chores
  • Create rules and habits: it takes away decisi...

  • More information often leads to indecision
  • People with less information are more likely to make a decision
  • We become what we focus on
  • It’s an easy way to avoid indecision

Stop doubting the potential outcomes of your decisions. That’s the most tiring part of decision-making. You can only focus on the decision-making process, not the outcome. Once you adopt that mindset, you no longer worry about all the potential outcomes, which will give you peace of mind.


“If you don’t choose what thoughts and images you expose yourself to, someone else will, and their motives may not be the highest.”

The worst thing is to let something like that linger in your mind every day. When you get rid of the things that clutter your mind, you will have more energy and clarity to face your decisions. And that alone will make the quality of your decisions better.

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